The Morton

Multifamily Conversion, 1920's Hotel Renovation
Project Overview

Working with developer Rockford Construction, URBANEER delivered interior fit-outs for multiple floor plans at The Morton, located in Grand Rapids. URBANEER helped configure and furnish a number of units ranging from 472 square foot studios to 1,100 square foot two-bedroom units.

Project Highlights
  • Storage Capacity maximized with solutions such as entryway storage, built-in entertainment centers, and closet systems
  • URBANEER bar-to-dining adjustable height table maximized function and flexibility in the kitchen
  • Through a partnership with CORT, residents were able to lease the semi-to-fully furnished units
  • Studio units featured a sleek utility wall with an integrated Vertical Wall Bed and Wall Bed Sofa for easy transitioning from day to night mode.
  • URBANEER units command 19% rental premium on a square foot basis
  • Leasing agents report that URBANEER units consistently outperform one and two bedroom units

600 Douglas

New Multifamily Development
Project Overview

URBANEER® worked with the developer and their architects to fit out the project's 485 square foot studios that were a part of a large 4 building development.

Project Highlights
  • URBANEER® units are outfitted with ceiling-hung movable wall that has a built-in entertainment on one side, and either a fold-down workstation with wireless power or a stowable bed
  • A queen-sized Vertical Wall Bed folds down over a Wall Bed Sofa, providing day and night usability
  • Each unit provides multiple configuration options based on the tenant's needs
  • The small studio provides the functionality of a two-bedroom unit at a fraction of the cost

The Bungalow

New Single Family Development
Project Overview

Our Founders, while living in Barcelona,  experienced a compact, walkable urban living experience for the first time; they were further influenced in Germany while driving compact luxury automobiles which were re-imagined, not just downsized versions of their larger counterparts. The Bungalow was inspired by these experiences, and shows how less square feet can be created to be flexible, accessible and comfortable.

Project Highlights
  • The Bungalow is outfitted with our Movable Wall, Vertical Wall Beds, Storage Systems, and Fold-Down Tables. All placed strategically to allow for maximum space optimization.
  • Multiple queen-sized Vertical Wall Beds fold down over a Wall Bed Sofa, providing day and night usability
  • The Bungalow has been highlighted throughout many media outlets and has been used as a blueprint for multiple developers since its unveil
  • Using an 800 square foot floor plate, we created a space that lives closer to 1200 square feet

Venue Tower

New Multifamily Development
Project Overview

Limited downtown real estate and growing demand for apartments catering specifically to singles lead the developer to incorporate URBANEER® outfitted micro-units into this Grand Rapids multifamily project. URBANEER® worked hand-in-hand with the developer's design team to fit out these 375 square foot units that would traditionally be difficult to inhabit and market.

Project Highlights
  • URBANEER® units outfitted with Vertical Wall Beds, Wall Bed Sofas that take the space from day to night as well as matching seven foot Storage Towers.
  • Custom finishes chosen by the developer's architect to match the building's aesthetic
  • The studio units commanded 19% rental premium over conventional units
  • URBANEER® outfitted studios were the first to pre-lease
  • Creation of a functional and adaptable space for tenants while yeilding higher rent on a square foot basis

Mercy Health Innovation Hub

Prototyping & Implementation
Project Overview

URBANEER® worked with Mercy Health to design flexible space solutions for their Innovation Hub. We re-imagined the URBANEER® Movable Wall for a health care setting and the Movable Wall was able to easily subdivide a large, open space for multiple use-case scenarios.

Project Highlights
  • The URBANEER® Movable Wall allowed for three discrete use cases from one open space: small private work areas, large collaborative workspaces, or temporary conference rooms
  • The 8 foot by 12 foot wide lightweight walls are positioned with a manual braking system
  • The Movable Walls had whiteboards and tack-board on either side, as well as elements to help with soundproofing each individual space

Barley Flats

New Multifamily Development
Project Overview

URBANEER® was brought on by developer Rockford Construction to reconfigure and optimize a number of units in Barley Flats, a ground-up mixed-use multifamily development in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Rockford had initially built the floorplates to include two and three bedroom units, but market trends indicated those unit types were languishing.

Project Highlights
  • URBANEER® interiors allowed an additional six beds to be added compared to initial plans
  • URBANEER® incorperated Vertical Wall Beds, Storage Systems and Islands
  • Studio units commanded a 19% rental premium over conventional units
  • URBANEER® outfitted studios were the first to pre-lease
  • Overall, the project resulted in greater unit density, higher rent roll, and improved tenant experience