What we do

We design and create smarter living environments for the 21st century. We offer a suite of intelligent home systems that include multifunctional and efficient fixtures and furnishings to maximize space, efficiency, and flexibility. The URBANEER team works with clients to ensure their spaces become more efficient, adaptable, elegant and intelligent than they would be using conventional solutions.

Space Optimization

URBANEER space optimization experts help clients make the most of their spaces, and enable an optimized occupant experience. Small spaces are difficult to design, but are even more challenging to live in. We help make the most out of any multifamily development whether that is enabling each unit to live larger, or adding more units to a floor plan.

Interior Fit-Out

URBANEER engineers flexible space solutions that integrate our own systems within the built environment to provide a complete fit out. We offer solutions that range from a single product installation to a full URBANEER fit-out. We are able to plan an URBANEER fit-out based on new, existing or yet-to-be-created floor plans. We strive for common fit and finish.

Product Development

Our team of product designers and engineers are experts at product development that is human-centered. Our smart, modular designs are engineered to install quickly, outfitting a space in a fraction of the time it normally takes to build out an interior. We strive for efficiency by being the complete package- from design, manufacturing, and sales to install.


We deliver innovation and ground-breaking efficiency to the developer/architect/contractor, the occupant, and the property manager with our multi-modal, modular components. Our customers are building and outfitting the future of living spaces.

Multifamily Developers

Working with our products and developer floor-plans, URBANEER’s space optimization experts help achieve greater unit and bed density for new and existing developments. We also work with developer’s interior designers and architects to make sure our customizable products match their vision for every project. We are also able to significantly increase unit density on existing floor plates, transforming languishing two and three bedrooms units with fast-leasing studios and one bedrooms.

Architects & Interior Designers

URBANEER understands and is able to support the needs of architects and interior designers in making sure a space looks and performs at its best. All of our space optimizing furnishings are available in a variety of custom options, allowing architects and interior designers to realize their full vision. URBANEER's smart living environments gives architects and designers newfound flexibility in space planning.

General Contractors

With our roots in the construction business, URBANEER knows how to work with contractors. Whether creating a new purpose for an existing space, fitting out a new home, or doing a standard remodeling project, our products and in-house space optimization experts give contractors the resources they need to improve any project’s look and capabilities. And with a variety of custom options, we work with contractors to ensure that their clients needs are met on time and on budget.

The End Occupant

URBANEER transforms and reimagines existing units, making them more functional, attractive, and durable for tenants. URBANEER's smart living environments enable occupants to live where they want and how they want while staying in their price range. Our mission is to enable people to live freer lives.